In the list of importers – 45 countries: Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland,
Portugal, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, etc.


Orkon is founded in Izmir / Turkey. We are the producing & sourcing partner of many major fashion brands from all over the world since 2006.

We lead a transparent process by ensuring that products are produced in an environment that complies with health and working rules and adheres to sustainability principles during the ready-to-wear production process.


Izmir is in west of the Turkey, right across the Greece. Izmir is a very modern and extremely safe city which has beatiful cost sides and it is the 3rd big city of Turkey. With highly developed in the industry, our city is export leader of the turkey.

Izmir offers a very comfortable and decent travel experience to our business partners who come to inspect production process of their garments, thanks to its famous historical and touristic places ..



New Fabric Opening 28 August 2018

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